Introducing the Vortex3 - The all new high-flow air sampling pump!

Completing our range of air sampling pumps, the Vortex3 innovative pump is right at home! With 12L/min with a typical filter and unique interlocking design to enable easy transportation, the Vortex3 is built to impeccable standards.


Ideal for area sampling for airborne contaminants including Asbestos and any other hazardous materials. The Vortex3 is the latest generation of static, high flow rate sampling pumps, which can now be controlled and monitored from your mobile phone or tablet using the Airwave App and Bluetooth connectivity.

- High-Flow rate between 5-12 L/min
- Impressive back pressure for a wide range of filter media
- Long battery life - 4 hours with typical filter
- Unique interlocking design
- IP65, rugged design

Unique, patent pending design

Designed for easy transportation and built for harsh environments. 

- Lock multiple units together to speed up deployment
- Weighs only 2.17kg (4.78lb), made from rugged ABS
- Tube and sampling head carried on pump
- IP65 for easy decontamination

Simple to use

The Vortex 3 is incredibly easy to set up saving you time and money.

- Colour display visible in all light conditions
- Large keypad for easy use with gloves
- Quick start up, calibrate and get sampling

Unique Airwave App

Conveniently monitor pump status and measurement progress on your phone or tablet through the Airwave App. 

- See all run information and pump status remotely
- Input notes and site data with location stamp
- Email results to speed up reports and give traceability

Model selection

Select the Vortex3 Standard for a high-performance pump. For additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, select the Vortex3 Pro.

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